Beboe’s Cannabis Pastilles

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Cannabis Pastilles

A candied companion to the inspired sativa blend vaporizer pen, our pastilles are crafted with the finest organic ingredients using  cold water processing to provide a clean , subtle, euphoric high

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Beboe is a producer of upscale cannabis products, including a pre-filled single-use vaporizer and cannabis pastilles that include a blend of THC, CBD and a “natural accelerant for timely absorption.” Other organic ingredients in the pastilles include maple sugar, tapioca, brown rice hull and grape dextrose.

For use, Beboe notes that the pastilles can be consumed at any time of the day and boast an “intoxicating effect.” A $25 tin of these cannabis pastilles from Beboe includes 25 individual pieces.

As the recreational use of cannabis becomes legalized in select parts of the world, some consumers are looking to partake by trying luxury lifestyle products, including everything from high-end cannabis-infused body lotions to beverages and nectars.

6 reviews for Beboe’s Cannabis Pastilles

  1. Dodude

    Fav new strain before bed or late evening. Can be slightly energizing in that it helps my mood and overall sense of well being. Pain actually slightly diminishes I think because it takes my mind off of it to happier places. A+ Strain IMHO.

  2. Veblena

    This strain have really relaxing effect. Taste like grape and lime. Smell like sweet orange. One of my favourite strain. I try it in gravitty bong, pyrex, pipe and glass tube.

  3. Budman

    One of the easiest strains to grow. In a tiny pot, my Anubis grows easily 3 feet tall indoors. The flavor is fruity and the high is, for my grow, full body. With the little but of CBD this strain has the relaxing feeling lasts hours. This has now become my favorite strain. I’m glad I grow it…

  4. Gardener

    This 80/20 Indica is easy to grow and easier to smoke! super fruity smell and taste. one plant smells and tastes like mangos while another like lemons. It makes pain and stress go away fast. The munchies hit hard with this one…

  5. Lilfourz

    I smoked ot out of a bong. nice flavor and smell. I mostly got a body high with a small amount of head high, id say maybe B80%/H20%. nice and relaxing. best at night I’d say. definetly one of my favorite indicas.

  6. Vonchez

    Anubis was super chill and perfect for winding down the night. The aches and pains of the day felt alleviated and I still felt lucid enough to take care of myself before going to bed. Music was also an extra euphoric experience with Anubis.

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